Apprenticeship Available August 2017 – Apply Now

Apply Now – We have 15 pre-apprenticeship places available from August 2017.

Pre-apprenticeship training programme (6 Weeks from 1st August 2017)
15 applicants will be accepted on our pre-apprenticeship training programme. A training allowance of £50.00 per week will paid to all attendees. Training will be provided by Northern Skills Group in their Sunderland training centre.  The training centre location will be a “pop up” training centre supplied by Norther Skills Group after all the application are processed and will be a central location in Sunderland or South Shields with easily accessible transport links.    You will be expected to make your own transport arrangements to attend the training programme.

This will be classroom training and give you a full insight into the world of accountancy and will be based around an Association of Accounting Technicians Accounting Module. Every week you will be expected to attend one of our offices to see how we operate on a day to day basis. This will include working on live client data, under supervision of course!

You will be shown the basic concepts of

  • Processing Customer Records.
  • Double Entry Bookkeeping.
  • Identifying VAT on receipts and different VAT schemes.
  • Business administrations requirements.
  • Cloud software solutions such as sage one, xero, office 365, sage 50c etc.
  • Payroll and wages processing.
  • Client bank reconciliations.
  • Plus much much more.

At the end of the training all candidates will be set a written test.  By using a scoring matrix made up from the test result, application in a working environment, learning ethos and overall applied ability the 5 most successful applicants will be offered full apprenticeship contracts which will commence at the end of the 6 week pre-apprenticeship programme.

Timing of the Course.

With the assistance of the Northern Skills Group we have designed the timing of the pre-apprentice program so it does not interfere with the possibility of continuing with school or college.    You are free to attend this course and keep your options open with the possibility on continuing further education.  We realise that accountancy is not always what students think and some students simple don’t like the type of work once they have given it a go.  

You are also free to drop off the course at any point if you find it too difficult or not what your thought it would be like.    All we ask is that you simply don’t apply if you haven’t got a real desire to become an accountant or progress to a full apprenticeship at the end of the course.   Please leave the space free for someone else to have a go.  

If you already have Holidays booked and require time off, please state this on the application form.   We will still accept you on the programme, however you will need to work harder and smarter to catch up after you return from the break.

What to expect from apprenticeship contract.

Each apprenticeship contract will be awarded for a one-year period at a time. If you meet all of our expectations and pass your exams, then it is intended that you will progress to the next years training programme. At the end of the three-year apprenticeship programme we have historically had a 96% retention rate. 

Throughout the apprenticeship you will be treated as a full employee and will be expected to follow all the rules and regulations of the business.   We have developed a full training program with the Northern Skills Group to help you develop and become a qualified member of the Association of Accounting Technicians.  This will complement the work you undertake in the business on a day to day basis.

Information about the Apprenticeship programme:

  • You will be required to attend college one day per week on a day release basis.   We expect that all course work should be completed on time and homework be completed as required by the college.
  • You will work towards the Association of Accounting Technician Qualification.
  • Your contracted hours will be 40 hours per week including college time.   Your working hours will be 8.30am to 5.00pm with half an hour for lunch and you will be expected to work between the South Shields office and Sunderland office depending on the job which you have been assigned.
  • Your pay will be £150.00 per week during year one, £175.00 per week during year two when all targets are exceeded and your pay will be £195.00 to £225.00 per week in year 3 depending on your age and ability.
  • Excellent opportunities to develop and learn using the latest technology.  We use some of the most advanced software’s available to accountants and therefore keen interest in computing and programs can be of real advantage.
  • Develop and manage your own client pool and assist with their daily requests.

How do I apply

Either email or complete the contact us page with :

(Items marked with a * should be entered in the comments box if applying online)

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Your Postal Address.*
  • Date of Birth. *
  • State you are interested in the apprenticeship programme and why. *
  •  Your expected exam results or actual exam results if known. *
  • A description about yourself and why we should pick you. *

Once we receive all the information we will acknowledge receipt of your submission or email.

   The closing date for all submissions is the 14th July 2017

All successful applicants for enrolment on the pre-apprenticeship program will be informed by the 20th July 2017.

These are excellent opportunity to help young people become Accountants in a rapidly changing environment.