Current Offers

rAs a special introductory offer it is agreed that any new clients who mention this article will be entitled to a recession busting cheaper deal than their current fees with their current accountant.


Year One 20% off their current accounts fees
Year Two 10% off their current accounts fees
Year Three £1.00 off their current accounts fees


This offer guarantees to be cheaper for three years than your existing accountant but as always there is some small print relating to the deal.

  1. The service undertaken is to be on a like for like basis compared to your existing accountant.
  2. Your business does not expand by more than 33% in the three year period.
  3. Your current accountant must operate from a business premises and not just from a home address or back bedroom.
  4. The discount figure above quoted in years one and two includes early settlement discount of 5% if the invoice is settled within 14 days of the invoice date.
  5.  You must pay the fee on monthly standing orders evenly throughout the year, commencing the month after appointment.

To discuss this deal do not hesitate to contact the office.

Current Client Offer.

If you are an existing client we have not forgotten about you either!   If you sign a 3 year fixed contract with us for your accounting services we will fix our prices at the current years rates for the full term of the contract as long as your business does not expand by more than the 33% as detailed above.  For further information please contact our office.