Remote Computer Support

As our staff are very computer literate we offer remote computer assistance to all our clients.  This may be a client who normally completes all their relevant paperwork and bookkeeping work themselves from their own system, however they may have come across a problem, during the work.

We are able to use our software to log in to their computer as long as they have an internet connection and correct the problem there and then.  Many accountants often just say leave it until the year end and we will correct it then.  We believe that the correction of any errors or problems as you go along makes the whole job easier and benefits the client and ourselves.

Assistance number

If you have been given a number by one of our technicians please enter it below and select connect to techncian.

Immediate assistance

  1. Please click on the plus symbol for immidate support when instructed to do so by a member of staff.

2. Save the file to your computer.  Run the file when prompted.    If the file does not run, please check your download folder and run the file by double clicking on the file

3. When prompted on the screen click “Allow” for the technician to take control.