Bookkeeping is a chore.  Bookkeepers in Sunderland Tyne & Wear are hard to find and not all services offered by Sunderland bookkeepers are of equal standing.  We have three dedicated members of staff who work on our bookkeeping services who will meet and discuss your bookkeeping requirements.

Bookkeeping is an essential part of any business to ensure their records are kept up to date in case of any HM Revenue & Customs inspections or investigations.  To ensure that all our clients meet their legal obligation of correct record keeping we use various different accounts packages which best suits their needs.  These packages may include Sage or Economic bookkeeping where the end user completes some of the bookkeeping themselves on line and finalise the bookkeeping in house here.

We will complement your existing bookkeeping needs if you wish to retain the bookkeeping in house and we do offer remote computer access to assist in any tricky reconciliation work or possibly finding any differences.

Prices for our bookkeeping services start from £60.00 plus VAT per month