Our Fees Information

As all the work we undertake for our clients is tailored to their exact needs the fees can vary quite substantially.  Some of our fees are fixed rate but other are charged by the hour.  Each one of the fees are discussed in our initial meeting and quoted in our letters of engagement or detailed on our comprehensive price list to ensure there is no nasty surprises once the work is undertaken.

For those services which are not fixed fee then our standard fee ranges as at 1st April 2024 are listed below.  A detailed breakdown of the individual staff charge out rate per hour is available on request to all clients.

Administration staff £39.00 to £54.00 per hour
Trainees, apprentices & accounting technicians £33.00 to £49.50 per hour
Client managers £49.50 to £84.00 per hour
Payroll & VAT staff £49.50 to £66.00 per hour
Bookkeeping staff £33.00 per hour
Partners & Directors (general works) £165.00 per hour
Partners & Directors (specialist works) £195.00 per hour


Time is charged in 10 minute intervals to a clients account until we are instructed that no further work is required. This will be acknowledges within two working days. In all hourly based services the job at hand is assessed and assigned to the individual who has the relevant knowledge and expertise to carry out that job and is available at that point in time.

We believe in being upfront about the charges and will always give you an indication of the overall costs involved prior to commencement of work or if its outside the normal scope of other work being undertaken.    i.e.   We normally prepare your tax return, but you have requested us to complete an mortgage application at the same time.     This will be an additional charge on top of your normal tax return fee.

We expect information to be provided in a timely, neat, organised,  manner without the need for multiply reminder letters, telephone calls or chasing missing information.    Therefore if this is not the case, you will incur additional fees because of the extra time spent on your affairs, again these are detailed in the comprehensive price list below.

Please note that some of our services include a a minimum charge as there is addional time required to meet compliance requirements.  These minimum charges are detailed in your letter of engagement but may increase every April.  In all instances the up to date price will always been shown here.

Our current full comprehensive price list can be viewed here. Current Price List

25% supplementary surcharge.

Should your work arrive in the office within 1 month of any annual statutory filing deadline, 3 working days of a monthly deadline or 24 hours before a weekly deadline there will be a 25% supplement on top of the charges listed above. This is due to additional wage costs we need to charge a supplement to reward staff for working beyond their normal working hours to meet your deadline.  As a company we show our appreciation when our staff go above and beyond for our clients.