ST Software Ltd

ST Software Ltd is our sister company which deals with all advanced computer and internet based services.  ST Software can build and develop the E Commerce websites on behalf of our clients, it can build bespoke accounting products or can use our accounting knowledge to build specific products for other accountants in practice.

Over the years we had had many products which have been very successful including the corporation tax calculator which calculated the amount of corporation tax falling due on incorporation of both sole traders and partnership and has many E Commerce websites which it runs and operates on behalf of other people.

Our expertise in this matter ensures that we also act as consultants on behalf of other web site operators to ensure they get the correct VAT treatment for the sale of their products as E Commerce is a world wide business and not just restricted to the UK.  Again our consultancy package within ST Software ensures that any trading done over the internet is both tax compliant and VAT compliant worldwide.  This is a very specialist area and as a result our consulting time is charged at £550 per day.

If you are a business and want to explore E Commerce we can quite happily build an E Commerce website for yourself and this starts from £2200 for the build and training.  Some of the web sites which we operate are shown below and shows the high quality of web sites which are available:-

If you require any specific accounting packages to be built we can also do this on your behalf.  We also offer full program building and have full programs in car dealerships and engineering services.